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The East African Journal of Applied Health Monitoring and Evaluation is a new academic and public health journal from the Department of Health Systems Management, in the School of Public Administration and Management at Mzumbe University. The journal will accept original, high quality articles focusing on applied experiences of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) in the health sector in Africa, with a particular focus on East Africa, as well as articles based on health-related M&E experiences from outside of Africa but which will provide useful comparative lessons.

The journal will seek to involve scholars and public health practitioners from Tanzania, East Africa and beyond, with the following aims:

  • To build a high quality body of knowledge around health-related M&E in the East African context.
  • To contribute to a culture of peer-reviewed publication focused on applied health M&E in the East African context.
  • To strengthen the drive to use data for decision making in the health sector in East Africa.
  • To encourage the sharing of best practices and lessons learned in health M&E and development.

EAJAHME will be an English-language, online journal that will publish its first issue in June, 2016. Thereafter, accepted manuscripts will be published on a rolling basis, forming part of an annual issue.

The journal will use a double-blind peer review process and is establishing an editorial board with broad international scholarship to ensure that the journal meets high scientific standards.

We invite you to submit your manuscript(s) to EAJAHME for publication. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically to Please see the below “Important Notes for Authors” section for further details on manuscript formatting requirements and on the submission procedure.

Once a manuscript has been received, it will undergo a rigorous peer-review process before being accepted. Thereafter, accepted papers will be returned back to the author(s) with comments from the reviewer and editorial board, including suggested revisions. Authors are expected to address comments, make necessary revisions, and resubmit their manuscripts by the designated deadline.

Please note that authors who intend to publish in EAJAHME will be required to pay a non-refundable fee of USD $50 fee once their manuscript has been accepted for publication. Additional information will be provided upon acceptance of a manuscript.


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